It’s a Small World after All

I got my first smart phone two days before the demise of my computer. It fizzled like an old TV screen and I quickly powered if down, only to hear an ominous beeping like a… Continue reading


For feet that walked miles in training and in no mans land For hands that hoisted guns and flew planes For arms that carried broken bodies and embraced the rescued prisoners For mouths… Continue reading

Help: A Polite Obscenity

We treat the word “help” like good church people treat the f-word: Just don’t use it, but if you do, apologize profusely. Don’t you love the things that send you from 0 to 70… Continue reading

Dough and the Master Baker

Nothing says, “I love you,” like crunchy pizza oozing with cheese—better still if it is shaped like a giant heart. So I decided to make pizza valentines for loved ones this weekend. I shrugged… Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Morale is high. The gym is teeming with New Year’s resolutions. New people are using the recumbent bikes, new faces are appearing in the weight room, trying to look confident as they approach… Continue reading

Naan, Risotto, and Other Calamities

It’s easy to treat food pictures like celeb photos from the red carpet. But instead of, “How are their legs so skinny?” I’m asking, “How are their bread loaves so fat?” Instead of smooth… Continue reading

A Taste of the Northwest

Can I give you a taste of Washington? I promise it won’t disappoint.

Last month, I flew to Seattle for the wedding of Chris and Renada (Arens) Thompson, one of my dear college friends.

Their story begins like a novel: A girl from Seattle meets a boy from Birmingham during their studies in Oxford, where they fall in love among the haunts of Lewis and Tolkien. They deepen their relationship through European travels, meals at the Eagle and Child, and services at old St. Aldates Church. After graduation, they accept the Herculean task of a four-year long distance relationship before their marriage.

Sketches from the Bottom: Finding Home

The conclusion of a series. I found home with the homeless and addicted. My summer at the rescue mission was the first one I’d spent away from my family. They were six hours away… Continue reading

Sketches from the Bottom: It’s Not Over Yet

Part 5 of a series. Sometimes success and failure look awfully similar. Susan* has over 10 years of sobriety. Through the recovery program at the mission, she broke free from her drug addiction and regained custody… Continue reading

Sketches from the Bottom: Quietly Drowning

Part 4 in a series. Have you ever watched someone self-destruct? When I met Leonard at the rescue mission, I thought he was a staff member. The front desk buzzed me in, so I pushed… Continue reading